Why am I not located at the correct place?

Single tapping the compass will do an update of your location. Tapping it twice will enable compass.

Please note that the location feature may not work properly if you have poor/no connectivity, or if you are between tall buildings or indoors. It goes without saying that Recce won't be able to accurately place you if you're in a different city.

How do I get around Recce?

Finding your way around Recce is as easy as swiping (pan), pinching (zoom) and twisting (rotate). Have a play around – you'll get the hang of it in microseconds!

Zoomed out, you'll see captions on the major landmarks of the city, to help you orient yourself.

Double tap allows you to zoom in quickly. Double tapping again will zoom you out to maximum altitude.

If you're looking for a particular street, zooming in will reveal street names and the button at bottom of screen allows you to collapse buildings and see streets and their names behind tall buildings.

Why can't I zoom to street level or go into buildings?

For now at least, we're focused on giving you a great location browsing and discovery experience, rather than zooming into tiny details and building interiors.

How are interesting places shown near me?

The servers behind Recce scour the internet to find relevant, useful and interesting signals of places around your location and fuses that together to show the most recent, active and frequently talked about places. Ultimately, you are in control of what is interesting, so your actions help boost the relevance of your favourite places in your part of town.

How do I find particular places in Recce?

The Recce search button is your friend here. In this menu are options both to search Recce, and also to browse by diverse topics: coffee, food, nightlife, shops, arts venues and parks. A number of these options have sub-categories, denoted by the little wedge icon.

What happens when I "pin" a place?

If you tap on a place icon (after using the search or browse options in the search menu), you'll see a "pin" option in the bottom-left corner of the place information pop-up.

Pinning a place simply saves it to your iPhone or iPad for later reference; tapping on the person icon on the left of the main screen reveals a link to your pinned locations.

Your pinned locations are private to you but automatically shared between your iPhone & iPad.

Where do you get the data for Recce from?

Recce is based on a whole range of data sources. Creating a consistent, detailed and realistic world out of these diverse data presents great technical and design challenges, but figuring out those challenges is what we love most!

If you do find any inaccuracies or omissions within Recce, we would love to know: feedback@recce.at

Are the cars real?

No, but the traffic incidents we report are. And we have plans to make the cars representative of actual traffic levels. Watch this space…

What about public transport? How up-to-date is that?

Public transport information in London is provided by Transport For London, and is generally comprehensive and accurate. We typically show the day & time it was last updated.

Is my location being tracked?

No – your location and other personal information is completely private. Please take a moment to read our Privacy Policy.

Can I do route planning?

Yes. If you're physically in the coverage area of Recce and you have enabled Location Services, you'll be able to click on any place within recce, and by tapping on the "Route" option in the hovercard, we'll quickly calculate the most optimal route using London's Transit network.

Why are there edges to the map?

We're covering 340km/2 of London real estate. As a small startup, we had to draw the line somewhere. Sincere apologies if it is right across your neighbourhood! We have plans to expand the Recce experience beyond its initial London footprint, and that includes other cities and countries too. Watch this space!

PS. don't worry – we won't be driving cars with odd looking cameras around your neighborhood or flying planes over your rooftops. ;)

If you're interested in knowing when your city will appear on Recce, follow us on twitter @RecceApp and vote for your favourite city.

How do I report a bug?

Please send us a message via Twitter @RecceApp or via email: feedback@recce.at